I'm creating a safe space for busy women to

Fall deeper in love with themselves, master Love Intelligence, and design the life they want.

We are bringing together a community of  busy women, like you, who are:  
  • Ready to change their life with more self-love.
  • Looking to boost their genuine confidence so they can move beyond fear, anxiety and imposter syndrome.
  • Wanting to open a new chapter in their life so they can find real happiness.  
  • Desiring to build relationships and attract more love so they can no longer feel alone. 

Members will...

Discover new self-care habits

Make different lifestyle choices

Connect with like-minded women

Learn to think outside the box

Shift their mindset

 Join us so you can call in more love, clarity, peace and pleasure. 


Your life feels good. 
Self-care is a lifestyle.
You have clear goals.
You are loving life.

Your friends are asking,
“Can I have whatever she’s drinking?”
And, the pleasure of life is a regular occurrence.

In the Love CEO Institute you will reconnect to Love Intelligence.

Love intelligence is an array of characteristics and behaviors
that encourage compassion for one’s self and others.
It’s the ability to perceive, understand, express, 
and receive love.
It’s like emotional intelligence on steroids.

Love Intelligence is what we need more of to live our greatest potential, that's where Love CEO Institute comes in.

What You'll Find In Love CEO Institute 

  • Daily reminders and inspiration
  • Weekly virtual check-ins
  • Access to the Love CEO Library at the membership rate. 
  • The cheat codes for designing the life you want
  • Self-care blueprints 
  • Mid-week coaching in the Wednesday Wine Downs
  • Monthly Masks & Mimosas - self-care connects

You will…

  • Develop new self-care habits
  • Make different lifestyle choices
  • Build unwavering confidence
  • Build relationships with like-minded women
  • Open your mind and heart so you can call in more clarity, peace and pleasure 

About Natasha McCrea

Natasha McCrea is the founder of Love CEO Institute and creator of  both the Love Intelligence Method and the Feel Good Method. She is a multi-passionate life coach whose core teachings are self-care and self-love. She is also a speaker, actress, director, and author. She lives in Love Angeles with her husband. 

"Every women should have the benefit of experiencing pleasure as a lifestyle"

Clients who have worked with Natasha find work-life balance, build businesses, love themselves more, write books and so much more all because they awakened their Love Intelligence. Improving your life satisfaction is her mission.   

"The richest place in the world is in the heart of the woman next to me. As CEO and founder of Love CEO Institute I am honored to guide you so that you can call more love in to your life. Then and only then will you start enjoying the journey."

Love CEO Institute is aPrivate Mighty Network designed exclusively for members. 

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